Compile x264 for Android

This tutorial is to generate shared library that ffmpeg needed to enable x264 support for different platforms (armeabi, armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a, x86, x86_64, mips).

1. Download and Unzip x264

Download x264 from the link.

2. Download build scripts of ffmpeg & x264 for android ndk from my repository

Link to my ffmpeg + x264 build scripts repository

3. Copy build scripts into x264 folder

Copy the scripts inside build-scripts-of-ffmpeg-x264-for-android-ndk-master/x264 to your downloaded x264 src code folder. Ex.

cp build-scripts-of-ffmpeg-x264-for-android-ndk-master/x264/* x264/

Open text editor, check each build script, whether the ndk path and toolchain path are correct or not.

#check the paths bellow, make sure any words is correct.
#for ex. if you want to build shared libraries for arm64, the lowest platform level is 21. for 32 bits, usually i choose android-18. (as you want)

4. Run the build-all script for generating all platform shared library

Run the build-all script and wait for it, you can check the console logs in case there is an error.

cd x264


5. After compiling success

After compiling success, you will see an folder called android including all platform libraries inside your ffmpeg folder.

╭─[email protected]  ~/Documents/x264 
╰─$ ls android
arm    arm64  mips   mips64 x86    x86_64